Frequently Asked Questions


There are over 300 Truffle Farms in our country now & it is an Industry we should be proud of! 

The best way to store truffle is wrapped in kitchen paper in a sealed container in the fridge. Keep them dry. 

 I recommend Truffles over 20gm for Foodies to have a great experience, as the Gleba (interior) has the most aroma & flavour. 

Truffles 30gm & under can be quite small & it is easier (and safer) for foodies to use a micro plane or grater than a Truffle Slicer.

6-10gm per person is my recommended avg serving size but it depends on how much of a Truffle addict you are & what dish you're using it for.

50gm Truffle is around the size of an egg. 100gm is around the size of a tennis ball.

Prices of Truffle vary depending on the quantity ordered but expect to pay around $2 - $2.50gm.

Prices also vary greatly as some smaller farms only find small amounts whilst other farms have huge productions. If you can support a local farm then you should. 

Fresh Truffle should be dark, firm & aromatic.

Fresh Truffle is nothing like Truffle Oil - Truffle Oil is synthetic & made with chemical aroma.

Fresh Truffles can & will taste different from various farms & areas.

Fresh Truffles need cooler weather & usually peaks in the middle of Winter.

For the best truffle flavour & aroma I recommend using within 3 - 5 days as the fresher they are the better the experience, however if received fresh & stored properly they can last 10-14 days. 

There are many varieties of truffle & 3 common ones now available in Australia. Summer, Winter & Spring Truffles. The Melanosporum (aka Perigord) Truffle is the darker one & is available now & should have dark interior with small white viens.

First time Truffle users should try their truffles with simple dishes. Easy dishes are to shave or grate them on hot creamy pastas, cheesy toast or over scrambled eggs.

Truffles can be frozen but it is not recommended.

Yes you can wash your truffle by running it under cold water & brushing it lightly then patting it dry before use.

Just remember so many of our Truffle Farmers & their families have put so much time, love & energy into growing these Truffles & a furry loyal friend has been trained to hunt for your little earth nugget. If you ever get the chance to experience a Truffle Hunt then make sure you do. 

Love Debs 
Lady Truffle