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Freeze-Dried Truffle

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100% Australian Winter Truffle (Melanosporum)

Our truffles are carefully hand-picked and freeze-dried to perfection, which preserves their rich aroma and complex flavour. Our Freeze-Dried Truffles are an excellent choice for professional chefs or foodies who want to elevate their dishes to new heights.

Our Freeze-Dried Truffles can be crushed into a fine powder or used as a seasoning for salt, sauce, pasta, risotto, fish and egg dishes. Unleash your creativity and add some to your heavenly bread or pizza dough, or even create your own truffle-infused salt.

No Preservatives, No Flavourings, No Additives, Gluten Free.

50gm Fresh = 10gm Freeze Dried

Please email us if you want to bulk purchase our Freeze-Dried Truffle in 1kg sizes.