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Fresh Winter Truffle Whole

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Fresh Local Dark Australian Truffles (Melanosporum)

The Fresh Local Dark Australian Truffles (Melanosporum), also known as Perigords, are available during our Winter, with the season peaking usually in July.

Truffles come in many shapes and sizes. Please see my Truffle Tips for foodies to make good choices for your Truffle experience.


Note: Truffles 20gm and under can be quite small and it is easier (and safer) for foodies to use a micro plane or grater than a Truffle slicer.

6-10gm per person is the recommended serving size, but it depends on how much of a Truffle Lover you are and what dish you are using it for.

50gm Truffle is around the size of an egg.

100gm Truffle is around the size of a tennis ball.

Truffle is best consumed as fresh as possible and needs to be kept wrapped in paper towel in an airtight container in the fridge.  As the Truffles come in many sizes and shapes, you may receive more than one truffle to make up your order. 

Orders must be in by the Monday at latest, as the Truffles are sent express overnight Tuesday and Wednesdays directly to your door, ready for the weekend. 

Please note if you are based in Brisbane or the Gold Coast please follow the Instagram for fun Truffle Truck Pop Ups, Events and Pick Up Locations during the season. I hope to meet you and share the Truffle Love! Debs x